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Three Baluch Citizens In Danger Of Execution


The Baluchestan Human Rights Activists Association has reported that 3 Baluch residents by the names of Naser Shahbakhsh, Lael Mohammad Shahbakhsh and Khaled Shahbakhsh are in danger of execution.

RAHANA: According to the report, the 3 citizens have been arrested solely because they are related to Haj Khodabakhsh Shahbalhsh, the leader of an armed opposition group. They were detained 6 months ago and are in danger of execution.

Naser's family was able to visit him in prison after a long time. They have stated that Naser is in critical condition and is suffering from respiratory disorders because of torture he has been under and the place he has been held in.

Naser's mother and the families of the other two prisoners are concerned as to the condition of the 3 prisoners since one of their other relatives (Shir Mohammad Shahbakhsh) who was detained along with their children has died under torture in the Zahedan Intelligence Ministry Detention Center.

It is notable that the state-run television Hamoun, had showed the pictures of Naser and had claimed that he is a detainee of the people's resistance movement.

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Source: http://www.rahana.org/en/?p=7138

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