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Balochistan Human Rights Watch (Bhrw): Remanding And Torturing A Young Zahedani 19 Year Old Baloch By Iranian Remige’s


Balochistan Human Rights Watch / Radio Balochi

security police because of carrying  ‘’the confess film scene of Gvarnag’s mosque bombmen’’ in his mobile phone device.

According to the report conducted by activists from ‘’BHRW’’, a young Zahedani 19 year old baloch ‘’ Isaq Shahbakhsh’’ son of ‘’Haji Aid Mohammad’’ was remanded in custody and transferred to an unknown place,  11th january 2009 in front of ‘’Zahedan’s  medico-legal institute . He was convicted of carrying ‘’the confess film scene of Gvarnag’s mosque bombmen’’ (1) in his mobile phone device.

Isaq’s farther was killed by iranian military when Isaq was only a child. While Isaq’s mother  addressing his child’s fate at numerous police stations, but in vane, Isaq was released after 4 days after being tortured almost to death and not being able to even walk. It is evident that he was severely subjected to torture, and consequently he suffers by extreme pain in his back and feet. 

‘’BHRW’’ condemns this babaric act, and works actively  toward providing necessary documentation proving the case in order to inform the international human right organisations.

According to remige’s own media, the regime, currently, is carrying out a raid on confiscating ‘’illegal’’ blue tooth products in Sistan and Balochistan (2). Evidently,  because  of the current ongoing raid , many young baloch have been stopped by security police.

According to a report from ‘Iran Khabar Agency’, (3)

currently, many people and cars have been stopped by security forces in Sistan and Balochistan, in Zahedan in particular, which has made the situation untenable.  


Source: http://www.radiobalochi.org/BH_Rights/BHRW_ZarbOShatmehEshaqShahbax_19sale_Eng090120.html

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